Representative Ian Raymond is a Democrat running for reelection. Former Rep. Bill Tobin is a Republican. Representative Dennis Fields is a Republican running for reelection. We were enjoying Celebrate Sanbornton Day.

Please Mark Your Ballot for David Pollak 

for Belknap County Commissioner 

on November 4

I will work with Republicans and Democrats to solve problems for the County.

I'm not in favor of spending $42 million dollars for a new jail. I am in favor of a deliberative process to find the right solution which will meet federal and state standards, will satisfy our safety and correctional needs, will work to reduce recidivism, and that has the smallest possible effect on the county tax rate.

I'm not only interested in the jail. The County is the perfect place to begin doing strategic planning to help all our communities work together. We can improve operating efficiency and keep taxes low by talking to each other about our capital projects so they don't all come on line at once, sharing resources so they are used efficiently and not sitting around, and by working together so we can learn from and help each other. 

I'd like to improve the working relationship between the Commission and the Representatives on the County Convention so the first thing I'll do, if elected, is invite the reps to a retreat where we can sit down and talk to each other. 

I have no political experience and I don't owe anything to anybody.  I've been teaching at the Community College in Laconia for the past 10 years. Before that, I was my own boss for many years. Among my jobs, I spent several years in New York City as construction manager. 

There is a lot of information on this website about the jail. Please take a look. You can also see all of my letters to the editor that were published in the local papers. Please feel free to contact me at the number or email address listed below. 

Thank you, 

David Pollak